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The side effect of this I found was I would always see the same profiles on the first few pages of my searches (unless each search used completely different criteria).This will create frustration for users who wish to tweak their search settings to bring up better matches.Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about criminals stealing wheels off vehicles in several towns, a customer charged a 0 “negative review” fee by a hotel after leaving feedback online, a mom that accidentally burned the families Elf on s Shelf in the oven, a city that opened up a Christmas rage room, a circumcision…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about science backed reasons you’re more likely to get laid this winter, a racist figurine being pulled off the shelves at a dollar store, a thief that broke into a home and took nothing but the family dog, the most and least caring cities in the USA, a cat…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about strange holiday rituals/traditions, a cannabis group in Boston that rolled a 100ft.joint, a woman that was attacked for no reason by a K-9 cop, a pizza restaurant employee fired over an off color joke inside a pizza box that the customer requested, a nerd riot over the…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about human organs found at a waste water treatment plant, Star Wars The Last Jedi getting mixed reviews from critics and nerds, a man that caused a disturbance on a plane when he attempted to bite passengers, a senior driver that drove into a river because he thought there…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about when it’s too early in a relationship to buy a fancy gift, a family that ordered a children’s book and got a non-kid friendly book, Disney bought 21st Century Fox, a singer getting thrown in jail for seductively eating a banana in a music video, where the best…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about weird cures/remedies instead of medical treatments, Salma Hayek reveals the abuse she suffered from Harvey Weinstein the most over paid actors of the year, the most searched for 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for kicking a…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the most popular fast food items, a woman that found a worm in her fresh fish, pretending to like a gift so you don’t offend the gift giver, the movies and shows that people actually watch, the most popular Star Wars characters, the funniest people of all time,…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the most “hipster” cities in the country, a runaway dog that found its way to her doggie day care, Time magazine’s person of the year, the most viral videos and intriguing people of 2017, the worst movies you’ve seen this year, a body bag that fell out of…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the chain restaurant foods that are the worst for you, an 88 year old woman who fell for an online porn scam, a car manufacturer launching a service to let you shop while you drive, the most popular tweets from 2017, Lindsay Lohan dating the Korean Hulk, a…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about travelers that bring their pets along on vacation, the worst foods to order at the mall food court, the person named 2017 entertainer of the year, best and worst TV shows of 2017, the best nude scenes of the year, a mattress company that released a 12 foot…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about package thieves stealing items off people’s porches in a neighborhood, Chris Pratt has a pervy online impersonator, a female delivery driver busted pooping on someone’s driveway, a man’s stinky feet that caused an uproar on a bus, a man that cooked his own meal when got to a…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a transient family of crooks targeting senior citizens, embarrassing questions people have asked Google, the dumbest things of 2017, two guys in trouble for posting a picture of themselves barring their butts at a Thai temple, dolphins use a puffer fish to get high, types of secrets people…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about one word to include in your online dating profile to get more messages, the best cities for die hard sports fans, the most popular Christmas candy by state, an airline that accidentally scheduled 15,000 flights without pilots over the holidays, the U. now selling over the counter Viagra,…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about work place perks people get in other countries, a traveling salesman accused of exposing himself to a woman, a restaurant that served a 4 year old an alcoholic milkshake, Matt Lauer fired from the Today show, houses on streets with embarrassing names sell for less money, Pornhub now…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about porn viewing on mobile devices way up this Thanksgiving, “bespoke” porn the new future of porn, firefighters hang Christmas lights after the homeowner fell and injured himself trying to hang them, a guy that just broke the record for largest X-Men collection, a massage chain that has over…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a man that paid off everyone’s holiday layaway items at a toy store, a woman that raised over 5,000 for a homeless veteran who spent his last to buy her gas, an actor that accidentally farted on Tom Hanks during a film shoot, songs you should NOT…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about your “Gone in 30 Seconds” first date stories, times that you’ve had an “Innocent Dave” moment, whether you’ve been bitten as an adult, Lisa’s Vespa gang, lady routines, asking the dick doctor about making yourself bigger, your strange reaction to something and more!Two weeks go by with emails about how we can have a life together and all this crap.When it was time to come home she couldn't by her airline ticket as her credit card had a block on it due to fraud purchases and couldn't get them investigated till she returned home.

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) and your real verifiable names and photos of you together in real world with newspaper to show date.15 times we confront these people, 0 times any proof. AFTER i was re-assured i had set my settings correctly to get ONLY women from Edmonton contacting me, ever since, i NEVER get contacts from Edmonton, and those that i had previously, never respond or 'account removed'.

Texas from Edmonton Please do not sign up to this site it is full of scammers, just search for other reviews about Mingle2 and you will see what i mean.

I met this lady on there her location was in the same state as mine came across all genuine about wanting a relationship etc, etc.

Then she wanted money from me to buy a ticket and would pay me back, when i said i couldn't she got nasty about it.

Mingle 2 would have to be the worst site for scammers, please do not use it.

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